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Inside leaflet Challenge your Lungs WCD14On World COPD Day, 19th November 2014, the European COPD Coalition will challenge the EU staff for them to understand how difficult it is for people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to breathe.

ECC staff will be distributing leaflets at the entrance of the European Commission headquarters (the Berlaymont building), in front of the Directorate General for environment offices all through the 19th November morning and  at lunch time, near the canteen entrance of the European Parliament (EP) Brussels buildings. MEP Catherine Stihler will be supporting ECC’s distribution of information, within the EP.

ECC is asking EU leaders and their staff to “challenge your lungs” by suggesting two exercises: take three set of stairs reasonably fast and/or try breathing through a straw for two minutes. If breathing is easy, readers of the leaflet are requested to consider how difficult these actions may be for people struggling with COPD. If the challenge is proving difficult, readers are advised to see a healthcare professional and take a lung test.

The aim is to raise awareness about the disease and for people working in these buildings to better understand the condition and its impact on everyday life. EU leaders, with better knowledge about COPD will be asked to support an EU regulatory framework to tackle COPD from all its aspects: prevention, care, research, and rehabilitation.

November 17th, 2014 | Published in World COPD Day,