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On 14th November 2012, we commemorate World COPD Day and this year’s general theme is “it’s not too late”.

Yes, it is still time to pay a visit to your doctor to speak about this chronic cough you have had for a while and to ask your healthcare professional for a spirometry test, a simple way to measure you breathing capacity.

No further time to waste on your decision to quit smoking; get help and support by phoning your national (free) help line. You should also maintain a good level of physical activity and make sure you have healthy meals.

There is still time to get treated to alleviate your symptoms and keep you out of hospital,

ECC is saying to EU politicians today that it is not too late to take political actions and support their constituents who have COPD or who are likely to have it. And we are telling them in the newspaper they read the most, the European Voice, with the visual in this article.

If you want to join us and support the fight against COPD, please contact us.

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