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Mission of this website

The ECC website is intended for healthcare professionals, patients, policy makers, media,  scientific societies and individuals who have  a genuine interest in COPD or in ECC. The mission of this website is to inform ECC members and readers about

  • the latest developments within ECC,
  • latest developments in EU policies tackling COPD, preventive and informative actions that support raising awareness on COPD, through ECC’s activities, projects and programmes.
  • COPD facts and figures.

Only a small portion of this website is exclusively reserved to ECC members, represented by their delegates.

Forum of discussion and posting comments on articles

A forum of discussion and leaving comments on articles may be opened to ECC members and supporters. These are individuals who either belong to members of ECC or belong to the civil society who may use this forum/access to authors of website texts to communicate about policies and activities related to COPD.

It will not be intended for commercial purposes, recruiting, or private uses. ECC will reserve the right to monitor all messages and edit or delete any messages it determines to be improper, inappropriate, or an illegal use of the ECC forum. Posting inappropriate, improper, or illegal messages can result in the suspension of ECC forum privileges. ECC will reserves the right to remove any and all statements in the ECC forum. ECC will assume no responsibility for the statements and opinions posted. The views expressed in the ECC forum will be the personal statements and opinions of the sender, and will not necessarily reflect official ECC policies and/or positions unless clearly labeled as such. All messages will be the property of ECC and users should not expect messages posted in the ECC forum to be private. Confidential or sensitive messages should not be posted. All users of the ECC forum will be required to register for a password and user name by submitting information that accurately represents their current professional situation.


There shall be no advertisement of any kind on the ECC website. Internal events and activities may be promoted as long as they do not  any commercial content or implications, that would favor commercial interests.