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June 2017 – ECC launches a new project, “Faces of COPD” to mark World COPD Day 2017 on the 15th of November. Concerned with COPD? Patient with COPD? Healthcare professional dealing with COPD? Please send a picture of you

The aim to “put a face to a disease” and raise awareness about the still relatively unknown disease, COPD, to make it real and more approachable, to foster better understanding and care.

There is a real opportunity to speak up and stand out on the issue of COPD while aligning multiple stakeholders on this occasion.

We wish to have an exhibition of people living or concerned by COPD, with roll-ups at the European Parliament, during the Plenary week in Strasbourg, together with spirometry testing.

Three MEPs have agreed to host us on Wednesday 15 November in the European Parliament. If you are patients, healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, technicians, etc.) and or informal carers (family, friends and associations workers), please do send your picture.

We are looking for photos:

  • in .jpeg or .png formats,
  • portraits preferably in “portrait” orientation, not “landscape”
  • in 12 million pixels resolution (most mobile phones now reach this level of resolution)
  • pictures may be in black and white, but preferably in colour
  • there may be more than one person on the picture, but the face of the main person featured on the picture should be central focus of the photograph
  • pictures can be taken in which ever setting and background – photos you would be proud to share with the outside world
    with the name and surname of the person, even if we don’t use the name, for internal use
  • and quotes to put with the photo, if you feel like providing one (optional)

People whose pictures would be used by ECC will need to sign the Photography consent form

Pictures and the filled in consent form should be send as soon as possible to info (at)