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 ECC is a partner in the partnership on FRESH AIR, an EU funded research (Horizon 2020) programme on implementing science.

FRESH AIR (Free Respiratory Evaluation and Smoke­ exposure reduction by primary Health cAre Integrated gRoups) is an EU funded Horizon 2020 implementation science project that aims to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of people with chronic lung conditions in low and middle income countries.

The overall aim of the FRESH AIR project is to improve health outcomes for people at risk of, or suffering from, chronic respiratory diseases in low-resource settings, where the greatest burden of is experienced, by developing capacity for implementation of evidence-based interventions for prevention, diagnosis and treatment in these contexts. The project consists of inter-related studies that are carried out in four countries: Uganda, the Kyrgyz Republic, Vietnam and Greece. Each of these is a low-resource setting with high levels of tobacco consumption and population groups exposed to household air pollution.

FRESH AIR is using implementation science to explore how existing knowledge and evidence­ based interventions proven to improve respiratory health in high income countries – such as education and training of healthcare professionals on spirometry, smoking cessation and pulmonary rehabilitation, as well as the latest evidence on cleaner stoves – can be adapted to countries with fewer financial and
healthcare resources.



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