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Mise en page 1The European COPD Coalition advocates for access to good quality care for people suffering from COPD and works towards a better European political support to the best care available to patients.

In May 2016, ECC presented its COPD Standards of Care project at IPCRG conference, in Amsterdam.

The project consisted in a literature review which concluded on 12 recommendations to be part of ECC’s advocacy work towards better care for people living with COPD and prevention of the onset of the disease. The recommendations were submitted to a panel of 1000 people in five European Union countries via YouGov and overwhelming amount of people supported the recommendations.

The abstract:

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The role of the European Union in Care:

The EU has a limited competency in the field of care. However, indirectly, European policies have a large influenceon better access to, and delivary of the best care. The following have a direct impact on how care is performed throughout Europe:

the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) which sets limits in number of hours worked per week for physicians,

the Patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare Directive, which allows access to national health services to non-domestic patients,

all Directive and regulations on medicines and medical devices, that are centrally (through the European Medecines Agency, EMA) authorised, monitored or banned,

the European Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications, which allows specialists to perform their job in another country without taking another exam in the host country,

the Directives on clinial trials (guidelines for good clinical practice as regards investigational medicinal products for human use, as well as the requirements for authorisation of the manufacturing or importation of such products),

to name just a few.

The means and ways to dispense care remain regulated and organised by the professions regulatory bodies, at national levels, together with the relevant domestic authority.

One of ECC’s role and function is to adocate to the best possible care at the European level for all patients suffering from COPD. For this purpose, we drafted a COPD Call to Action, which all supporters are invited to sign, and that was sent to all Members of the European Parliament, and key European Commission decision makers, for signature. Other initiatives are reported in the articles you will find in the right-hand side column.