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On 15 March 2012, the European COPD Coalition, together with the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and the Smoke Free Partnership (SFP) sent a letter to MEP Françoise Grossetête, Rapporteur for the “Health for Growth“, 2014 -2020, which is presently debated in the  European Parliament.

The three parties drew the attention of MEP Grossetête on the alarming incidence numbers of respiratory diseases and the burden they put on European economies. They highligted that the past programmes  failed to properly fund projects related to COPD or its risk factors and that the 7th Framework Programme dedicated just 4.3% of its budget to respiratory diseases and within this, only 0.5% to COPD – the 4th leading cause of death receives only 0.5% of the EU research programme, a disproportion that is explained by the lack of prioritisation of lung diseases.

The partners expressed their fear that without adequate action, the same may happen in the upcoming Health for Growth Programme and asked MEP Grossetête to ensure that respiratory issues have a prominent place in all strands and aspects of the future Health for Growth Programme: disease prevention, treatment and care, and innovation in technology.

On 19 March, MEP Grossetête answered the letter by thanking the three parties and confirming that  preventing respiratory diseases will one of her fields of work as she pursue the legislative process on the Health for Growth Programme.

The letter in French

The letter in English

A copy of the ECC, ERS, SFP letter was sent to the three shadow Rapporteurs.