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Bannière Venise

For people suffering from COPD, remote monitoring of their condition and tele-assistance may improve their care and the surveillance of their disease. However, the development and implementation of  new technology require on-going training and adherence of both the patients and the healthcare professionals to its use, that may lead to resistance or inadequate  use of the tools. The assessment of the costs versus the benefits of eHealth are subject to vivid debates at the European level.

In this section, we review litterature on the subject and give voices to the people directly concerned (or benefitting from eHealth tools).

Services related to telemonitoring (1)

  • Ability to share health data between professionals
  • Call centre that coordinates the connection between the patient and different health professionals
  • Direct patient access to health professionals (according to a specific protocol) – email and telephone access
  • Ability to telemonitor vital signs (lung funtion, pulse oximetry, blood pressure or blood glucose, etc.)
  • Possibility of virtual teleconsultation
  • Access to educational tools for the patient
  • Facility for the patient to have the ability to access to their care plan (medication, setting of the medical devices available at home, etc.)
  • Mechanisms to generate alerts or reminders
For full deployment of eHealth tools, the reorganisation of the care model is key.
(1): J. Escarrabill, Catalan Agency for Health Information Assessment and Quality; published in ERS Buyers Guide to Respiratory Care Products, published September 202