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ECC is active in a number of policy areas, monitoring new developments to ensure that COPD is incorporated into the EU policy agenda and developing and implementing campaign and advocacy strategies to positively influence the EU institutions.

We participate in the European Commission’s consultations and provide input  on key issues related to COPD as a chronic disease issue. We aim to be  an active partner with the European Commission and European Parliament, as well as the Council through the successive EU Presidencies.  We will   also work with other relevant bodies and forums, such as the European Medicines Agency, the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the Council of Europe (CoE).

The activities of ECC aim to positively  influence policy making on COPD, increase public awareness to encourage health improvement and promote the exchange of high-quality information about COPD.

In particular, ECC is monitoring and providing input into the following initiatives

  • UN summit on chronic diseases
  • EC reflection on chronic diseases
  • Council initiatives on chronic disease
  • EU Clinical Trial Directive review
  • EU Tobacco Products Directive
  • EU health strategy and EU public health programme
  • eHealth
  • Medical Devices