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ERS, the European Respiratory Society, SFP, the Smoke Free Partnership and EPHA, the European Public Health Alliance, all based in the same building were burglered during Wednesday 17 October at night. ECC shares ERS’ office but was not robbed.

ERS says:
” On the night of 17/18 October, the ERS Brussels Office was broken into and confidential data relating to the revision of the EU Tobacco Products Directive and other issues were stolen.

As a professional medical society, we take precaution to protect our data and premises. Of all offices in the eight-floor building where we are situated in Brussels, together with the Smoke Free Partnership (SFP), only one – ERS/SFP – has alarm sensors on their balcony.

While the office initially seemed carelessly ransacked, our security report shows that the break-in was in fact very methodical and calculated.

Outdoor sensors were destroyed, and the intruders managed to skilfully evade indoor sensors within the office.

ERS is an evidence based organisation and we do not subscribe to conspiracy theories. However, in light of the evidence we feel we have legitimate reason to suspect the intrusion was well-planned, researched and targeted.”


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