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Catherine Hartmann and Nicola BedlingtonThe European COPD Coalition spoke at the “New responses to non-communicable diseases – strengthening health systems, changing behaviours” conference held by The Economist Group in Geneva, Switzerland, on 29 October 2012.

Part of a panel discussion entitled “How can we incentivise and empower patients to manage their care and to adopt healthy lifestyles?”, ECC Secretary General, Catherine Hartmann underlined the import role of the patient in the management of his/her disease and advocated for his/her empowerment (being an active member of his/her disease management team), to be able to make decisions regarding his/her treatment.

Catherine Hartmann called for patients to be looked at holistically, and for better education of healthcare professionals for them to adopt  genuine  partnerships with their patients rather than sometimes seeing them  as “diseases”, as chronic disease patients are self-managing their condition.

She added that tackling chonic diseases must be done with a health-in-all-policies approach and should  be considered together with transport, housing, energy, food& consumption (to name a few) policies when they are drafted.

Other panellists included: Nicola Beddlington (pictured with Catherine Hartmann), Executive Director of the European Patient Forum, Ursula Koch, Head of Division, National Prevention Programme, Federal Office of Public Health Switerland, and Richard Visser, Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, of Aruba.

Short video summarizing talks that took place.

November 5th, 2012 | Published in chonic diseases, EU Policy,