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In September2014, the European Lung Foundation (ELF) and the European Respiratory Society (ERS) will launch the ‘Healthy Lungs for Life campaign’ to incorporate the next World Spirometry Day (WSD).

The objective of the campaign is to seek to reduce the number of people suffering from respiratory disease by raising awareness and knowledge of lung conditions and ways to prevent lung damage. It will roll over several years and in 2014, Healthy Lungs for Life, one of the largest ever lung health campaigns will aim to increase knowledge of the impact of poor air quality (‘Breathe clean air’) on lung health and raise awareness of the actions that everyone can take to protect their own lungs from indoor and outdoor air pollution.

The message will be spread about the importance of air quality for lung health to scientists, healthcare professionals, policy makers, patients and members of the public through events during the ERS Congress in Munich, and across the globe via WSD. The Euroepan COPD Coalition will be associated to the events in Brussels.

More information and how to participate

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