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The European COPD Coalition (ECC) was recently informed by the European Respiratory Society (ERS) one of the founding members of ECC, that they wish to focus on policy work on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) internally within their own structures and processes, and therefore decided to withdraw from ECC’s membership. The European Lung Foundation (ELF), affiliated to ERS has also ceased to be a member of ECC.

ECC and ERS/ELF remain on amicable terms and are assessing how to best cooperate on their common goals in the future: to ensure that more people know what COPD is, and benefit from the support of European policy makers to best prevent and treat COPD, in addition to developing research in the field.

The European COPD Coalition was launched in 2011 to work with all parties interested in fighting COPD: to raise awareness of public health officials of COPD, and act to decrease the morbidity and mortality caused by this respiratory illness, through advocacy and policy development.

ECC is a not-for-profit association under Belgian law, based in Brussels, whose role is to advocate for political action to be taken at the European level to reduce the burden of the disease through collective action and campaigns, seeking the development and implementation of a comprehensive EU public health policy on COPD. ECC aims to be a key facilitator of COPD health policy initiatives at European level.


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