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On 8th of July 2016, the European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA) of which ECC is a member, sent the following letter to the attention of the European Commission’s Vice President, Mr. Timmerman, and two other Commissioners:

The letter (in PDF)

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30 June 2016: Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and Member States (Council) come to an agreement on the final text of the new NEC (National Emissions Ceilings) Directive, also called the EU air quality Directive. The European Commission had put forward in 2013 a rather comprehensive “Clean Air package” including a new NEC Directive, with stricter national emission ceilings for six main pollutants, and provisions for black carbon (BC), which also help to mitigate climate change.

[photo: Catherine Hartmann]

Had it been agreed and fully implemented by 2030 and compared to business as usual (i.e. implementation of current legislation), the new Clean Air Policy Package was estimated to prevent 58 000 premature deaths and produce health savings of between EUR 40 billion and 140 billion.

AlecALEC is a new EU-funded Horizon 2020 project which will improve our understanding of the reasons for low lung function, respiratory disability and the development of COPD in older adults.

Through a collaboration of epidemiologists, clinicians, statisticians and geneticists we will conduct our research within large established child and adult cohorts that include over 25,000 research participants.

  • Identifying which behavioural, environmental, occupational, nutritional and other modifiable lifestyle factors, and genes, affect poor lung growth and lung function decline
  • Collecting new data on how parents and grandparents health and lifestyles influence lung health in later generations
  • Identifying genetic markers for development of poor lung function and exposure to disease risk factors
  • Generating a predictive risk score to identify people who are at risk of COPD
  • Making recommendations on COPD research priorities – including the need to establish new cohorts

The ALEC Study is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme

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ipcrg_world_conference_25-26-27-28-may-201628 May 2016, Sian Williams presents on behalf of ECC the COPD standards of Care project, during the abstract session of the IPCRG (International Primary Care Respiratory Group) conference, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The project consisted in a literature review which concluded on 12 recommendations to be part of ECC’s advocacy work towards better care for people living with COPD and prevention of the onset of the disease. The recommendations were submitted to a panel of 1000 people in five European Union countries via YouGov and overwhelming amount of people supported the recommendations.


COPD10 visualYou are cordially invited to attend the COPD10 conference, from 29 June to 1st of July 2016, in Birmingham, UK.

COPD10 is an International Conference dedicated to all aspects of COPD research, clinical practice and care delivery. World-renowned experts will speak about current and emerging issues and participate in lively debate and discussion.

The full programme and information for registration and accommodation are available here. Please share the information with peers and colleagues and make sure to attend.

ECC will be present as an exhibitor and would be happy to meet you there.

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